Depression Glass

What is Depression glass you may ask?
“Depression glass” is a general type of inexpensive glassware, in clear or colors, that was sold (or given away as premiums) during the late 1920s into the early 1940s. The most common colors of Depression glass are pink, green, amber, light blue or clear. Canary yellow, purple, black, opaque white or “milk,” opaque green and cobalt blue,are less common colors of Depression glass that are usually more expensive and highly sought after by collectors.
What are some of the more unusual traits of Depression Glass?
Some collectors also collect Green Depression glass which also glows under the black light. Green Depression glass has uranium in the formula, but also contains another coloring agent which makes it green.
Can you put Depression Glass in the Dishwasher?
The worst problem with using the dishwasher is that your glasses can get hazy. It won’t happen over night and it may not ever happen, but if you get haze or water spotting it will not come off easily, if at all. Instead put a towel or large dishcloth in the bottom of the sink and wash carefully by hand.